Lina Puerta



About the Botánico Series

Works from the Botánico Series (2010- ongoing) are inspired by weeds and uncontrolled nature. They explore the tension between such plants and humans, as we strive to exterminate and exert control over them; while nature, exhibiting its resilient power and perseverance, slowly moves into abandoned spaces, spreading and reclaiming its space.

In this series, I use solely artificial/human-made plants that are normally designed to adorn and create maintenance-free gardens, which are static and under our absolute control. I use such plants to mimic weeds and reference the remarkable strength and resiliency present in nature.

*Site-specific Installation at the Museum of Biblical Art, New York for the exhibition: "Back to Eden: Contemporary Artists Wander the Garden." Photo by Gina Fuentes Walker, courtesy of The Museum of Biblical Art. 

Lina Puerta, Cordella Magazine

Lina Puerta

My work examines the relationship between nature and the body. Utilizing a wide range of materials— from concrete, clay, wood, foam, fabric, paper pulp and handmade paper; craft and recycled items, I create textural forms and compositions that blend the human-made world with the natural, exploring notions of control, consumerism and life’s fragility. I am interested in nature’s capacity to reclaim space and break down artificial, human-made Structures.

My artistic process is in great part guided by the physical qualities of the materials, their textures, forms and colors; and informed by concepts of femininity, fashion, sexuality and artificiality.