The Desert

by Elizabeth Jacob

photography by Sarah Eliza Roberts


Dusty wind bears down on day

like a blanket tucked too tight.

Stale air fills my lungs.

I have no shelter from

the brazen dawn

the beams of light

that beat into me.


I am exposed and fragile.


My eyes burn.

I watch storm clouds swell

slowly in the distance.

I turn inward.


I am alone and abandoned.


At last the rain comes—

a saturating downpour.

I feel the weight of it

pressing my surface

pushing me deeper.


I am drenched and drowning.


The storm withdraws.

Fear has been washed away.

The wind dies down,

the sun sets.

Any trace of water

evaporates into darkness.

The night becomes calm and still

as I quietly tuck myself

away once again.


I am free in my desert.


elizabeth jacob

Elizabeth Jacob

Elizabeth Jacob is a writer and photographer who documents the details of her life by weaving together whimsical words and captivating photographs on her lifestyle blog, Yellow FinchShe writes about simple living, positive parenting, travel, food and more. When she isn't writing or behind the camera you can find her spending time with her three children and husband Jon, owner of Bender's Restaurant in Canton, Ohio. Elizabeth is the copy editor for Babiekins Magazine.  You can find Elizabeth on instagramtwitter, and facebook.


Sarah Eliza Roberts

Sarah Eliza is a portrait and landscape photographer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is an avid traveler and loves seeking new opportunities, flowers, sunshine, and life. To see more of Sarah Eliza's work, visit her instagram gallery and her blog.