by featured songmaker O'Little Sister

image by  danny mcshane

image by danny mcshane

We are delighted to share with you the music of O'Little Sister, our featured songmaker.

O'Little Sister's music is rooted in the landscape of her native Australia. Light-filled and warm, her gentle melodies bend and rise like moonlight on waves. Her songs are winsome and youthful, modern in feel and tonality, yet threads from the great mothers of folk music are woven throughout.

We hear echoes of Jean Ritchie in O'Little Sister's voice. Ritchie's music has been called "clear and pure and elegant, very beautiful, and her presentation of it... completely forthright and unpretentious. She presented her songs fully as they were, and kept herself out of their way. She seemed to think of herself as a servant of what she had come to offer us..." *

As you can see in this video, O'Little Sister embodies this very same spirit. 

O'Little Sister has put together a mix tape to share with us. We are especially taken with track 7, "Mythology" by Jjiraf.  Enjoy, friends!

image via Blue Mountains City Library, Local Studies Collection ©Creative Commons  

*quote by Wendell Berry, from the liner notes of "Dear Jean- Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie,"  2014.



O'Little Sister

Night falls, and the moon turns her view to a small, sleepy town on a balmy bay. Wearily writing words down, carefully picking rust-worn strings, quietly cooing. Trying not to wake the house from its slumber, while forming lullabies upon a pensive lyrical landscape. O’ Little Sister sleeps beside a bookcase, lives inside a backpack and collects midnight sonnets to record for 2015. 

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