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Sara Cahill Marron


Image by Pawel Szvmanski

Image by Pawel Szvmanski


lovely and lonely

we who are desperate

who wander nowhere

no arias and no diamonds

no class and no conversation

we are the vagabonds

stealing cheese and figs

from the jacketed and adorned

sipping private champagne and

snubbing our public living

we who cannot come inside

your glass castles high above the avenues

throw rocks that burst into petals

hitting the glass and we

laugh and dance in the street at

the cellist playing in the park for

us who are free from the castle

we without walls and we without

silk pillows and strangling

starched collars we the tearless

laugh because we cannot weep.


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Sara Cahill Marron

Sara Cahill Marron is a relocated Queens, New York poet studying law in D.C. She is the author of Reasons for the Long Tu’m (Broadstone Books 2018) and her poems have recently appeared in Atlas + Alice, Gravitas, and OUT/CAST, with new work forthcoming in the Newtown Literary Review, and FLARE: The Flagler Review. You can read more of her work at