Welcome to Cordella Magazine


We are a quarterly online magazine, sharing the work of women-identified and nonbinary artists, writers, and creatives.


Our Vision

Cordella seeks to record and share the creative voices of women-identified and nonbinary people from all walks of life, exploring the ways that our spirit and sense of self is engaged with our physical place and daily experiences.  

We honor the diversity of spirituality, and recognize that the edification of one's spiritual life brings healing to our earth, to our families and communities, and to ourselves.

Our purpose is to encourage one another to know ourselves more deeply, to value the stories we have to tell, and to connect with a sense of feminine wisdom and community that has nourished women throughout history.

Our Name

Cordella Magazine was named after Cate's grandmother, Bobbie Cordella Fletcher. She has been one of Cate's greatest sources of love and strength. Though she has faced many hardships throughout her life, she has continually offered kindness, laughter, and open-hearted hospitality to everyone she meets. In her honor, we humbly dedicate this initiative. 

Cordella Magazine is:

Cate Clother, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Madeleine Barnes, Poetry Editor & Publicist

Jordan Souza, Essay Editor

Erica Faison, Slow Fashion Editor

Molly Kugel, Ecology Editor

Samantha Gray, Illustrator

Anna Caitlin Harris, Partnering Photographer

Karuna Kasturi, Copy Editor

Chris Clother, Illustrator, Assistant Editor

Position Openings:

Assistant Social Media Manager

All positions are volunteer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic orientation, or disability. Please contact us for more information, job descriptions, & any questions you may have.